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Here at Palma Pictures we work all year round, providing Picture Perfect Service to clients from across the globe.

Recently, we provided production services to Rogue Films, the UK production company, on a 2 day shoot which saw us go up into the mountains of Mallorca and also use our world class studio facility.

Rogue Films

Englishman, Mark Jenkinson, was the talented director on the shoot – he was supported by Ekkehart Pollack (DOP).

If you’d like to shoot in Spain and take advantage of the diversity of locations we offer, or our studio, then click here to contact our International Sales Team and discuss your shooting needs.

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Word about Mallorca and the Palma Pictures’ Picture Perfect Service is starting to really take hold in New York. Having recently completed a shoot with Logan we have now just finished working with another production company based in the Big Apple, Rascal Films.

Rascal Films, New YorkThis isn’t actually the first time we’ve worked with Rascal Films, they actually came over back in 2006, so it was great to see them and once again work with the lovely Jim Golden (producer), pictured below.

Jim Golden, Producer

The 3 day shoot took place in the Palma Pictures studio and made use of The Phantom, a high speed camera used for slow motion action. The director for the shoot was Michael Abel, from Denmark, and the DOP was Mateo Londono from LA.

As you can tell from the pictures, provided by Jim Golden, everyone had an awesome time on set. We were really sad to see them go, Tracy wishes she could work with them all the time. So don’t leave it 5 years next time you guys.

Rascal Shoot, Glam Squad

Rascal Films in Mallorca


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We recently did a shoot with a UK production company, Little Fish Films.

Little Fish Films Gus Filgate was the director for the one day shoot which took place on our rather lovely sun trap of a roof terrace and in the studio.

Some what unusually, Alice Santana, the Palma Pictures Head of Production, decided to get her hands dirty and produced the shoot… and it still went really well!

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At Palma Pictures we’re always excited about the arrival of new clients but we get really excited when they come from further afield. So there was a buzz in the Mediterranean Production Centre when New York based production company, Logan, asked us to provided production services for a shoot here in Mallorca.

Logan, Production Company

The director on the shoot was Carlos Stevens whilst the DOP was Martin Ahlgren. The production took place both on location and at our studio over the course of 4 days. It was filmed using the Red One and 5D.

As we watched them board the plane back to the Big Apple it’s safe to reflect that everybody enjoyed the visit and we hope to welcome them back to the Rock.

Finally, well done to Richard Webb who was Line Producer on this shoot.

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The role of the traditional production company varies in relation to the demand for specific media, but overall, the idea of a production service company is to assist production companies in capturing content for advertising agencies and their clients.

As global ad spend turns upward the benefits for the production industry are obvious. However, the rapidly evolving media landscape places increasing demands on production service providers to respond to the changing needs of the advertising industry.

Rather than competing with similar organisations and pricing models, the whole production service industry is diversified by production cost, geographical regions and weather conditions.

This leads to a complex and fully globalised marketplace, within which Palma Pictures’ main competitors are not simply other production service companies, but mainly other production service intensive geographical hubs, such as Eastern Europe, South Africa and South America.

Due to an increasingly globalised market we are seeing emerging markets both in Europe and beyond. In order to remain responsive to these evolving external factors Palma Pictures has, over the last few years, continuously broadened our territorial focus. Our aim is to complement our strong European market share with a wider focus and Palma Pictures is now becoming an established player in the global production market.

Because of the fragmented nature of the production service industry many players have utilised the potential in niche business models. The direction or typical USP of a service company often correlates with a certain geographical area and emerging from this trend of diversification throughout the industry the strongest market driver is still the ability to offer attractive shooting locations.

Thus for production service providers there is a unique opportunity to really define their service model and clearly communicate the position of the company in order to facilitate a much more efficient selection process on the client side.

In order to get an overview perspective of the business model one needs to consider the value chain; the process normally starts with a brand identifying the need for an additional marketing effort. An advertising agency is commissioned to develop a campaign concept and together with a media agency they dictate the media mix, key message, and what type of communication will maximise impact.

Once it is decided that a commercial will best convey the advertising message, the agency enlists the services of a production company, which de-constructs the marketing concept into a production plan. They usually employ the director and hold, in most cases, the overall responsibility for the production. However, the production company rarely has the tangible infrastructure to produce any projects in-house.

This is where the production service company comes into play. The production company, in conjunction with the advertising agency and the brand, will enlist the services of a production service provider in order to facilitate the practical elements of shooting the film. This is the arena for companies like Palma Pictures.

At Palma Pictures we strive to diversify ourselves from the standard characteristics of a production service provider. By offering our clients a complete production package. We have secured all in-house resources necessary to offer our clients a one-stop-shop solution. In addition to transparency and convenience it also minimises our need to rely on external suppliers.

  • Full Service

By controlling all the logistical and organisational aspects of a production, together with an in-house crew that works together on a daily basis in creating even the most complex and demanding productions, we can offer our clients the best service solution on the market.

  • One invoice from one service provider
  • Efficient schedule
  • Flexibility

Furthermore, Palma Pictures has combined our production services and local knowledge of Mallorca and Spain with a strong local support network such as; on-set catering, accommodation and extraordinary shooting locations to provide fixed priced and competitive shooting packages for all types of budgets and projects.

By minimising our dependence on external suppliers Palma Pictures house a complete set of resources under one roof that provide us with a dynamic platform that can be applied in all our diversified markets. This allows us to create synergies otherwise impossible if some areas of competence were outsourced.

We boast a tailor-made commercial production complex encompassing 4,500m2 with,

  • 1,000m2 fully sound-proofed and air-conditioned stage
  • Dedicated pack shot studio
  • On-site client offices
  • Studio kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Casting studios
  • Make-up
  • Costume and dressing rooms
  • Carpentry
  • Metal and paint workshops
  • Secured parking facilities

Production Service Centre

English is spoken by our crew. Other languages include Spanish, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Danish and Japanese.

Palma Pictures and Mallorca combine to make an attractive choice for filmmakers from all over the globe. For while our client base has been historically European, with a focus on British, German and Scandinavian markets, our broadening territorial focus has been successful in securing regular work with Japanese clients as well as a rise in workflow from France, Spain and Eastern Europe.

We have representatives responsible for our target markets covering Austria, the Baltic States, Belgium, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Middle East, Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK and USA.

Our locations department is specialised in finding unique and suitable filming locations. Our in-house image bank has over 250,000 location references and is updated on a daily basis. The majority of our locations tend to be within one hour’s drive from our studio base, ensuring maximum shooting time.

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca consists of 3,640 km2 of beautiful landscape set against the backdrop of the deep blue Mediterranean. A mini-continent in itself, the island offers a striking variety of filming locations from idyllic mountain-top and rural villages to a modern and cosmopolitan city, lakes, forests, railways, golf courses, swimming pools, sports centres and a striking diversity of architectural styles covering medieval castles and churches to the most exquisite design architecture. The 550 kilometres of coastline provide white sandy beaches, turquoise water coves, 200 metre high cliffs, commercial harbours, fishing villages, lighthouses, and over thirty marinas housing the biggest concentration of luxury yachts in the Mediterranean.

Our equipment inventory is of an AI technical standard. Our annual re-investment programme keeps Palma Pictures ahead of the technology curve with the best in Arri Film cameras and lenses and the latest digital offering. Besides our fleet of 35 vehicles, we also have the following specialist equipment,

  • Tracking vehicle, low loader and car rigs
  • Scuba-cam
  • Quad bikes
  • 3 axis remote head
  • Weather FX
  • Motion Control

Palma Pictures also has an experienced marine unit available for shooting at sea. We provide access to helicopter companies operating on the island and on the Spanish mainland as well as other European based providers. We maintain strong relationships with crew from mainland Spain, animal co-ordinators, food stylists, under-water camera crews, SFX specialists, stuntmen and precision drivers, etc.

Palma Pictures has a casting database of over 14,000 local people with a wide range of ages, nationalities and ethnicities. Our experienced team of in-house casting directors and regular street casting ensures our database is constantly refreshed.

Casting, Palma Pictures

Statistically, Mallorca, has the best climate in Europe with rainy days being few and far between. The Mediterranean light is loved by Director’s of Photography from around the world. Long daylight hours offer maximum shooting time.

If you are interested in using Palma Pictures as your production service company and taking advantage of our Picture Perfect Service then click here to talk to one of the team.

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Palma Pictures is a Production Service company, we work with Production Companies from around the world to make Film and Television Productions in Spain.

Palma Pictures operate out of The Mediterranean Production Centre based in Mallorca which is our hub to service media production in Spain and the Balearic Islands.

The Mediterranean Production Centre, Palma Pictures

Our purpose-built Production Centre encompasses a 4,500m2 (48,437 sq ft) area boasting a gymnasium, restaurant, make-up room, wardrobe room, 6 x dressing rooms, casting studios, a large open-plan production office with 5 x separate client production offices, locations office, 460m2 (4,951 sq ft) truck parking area; we also have a relaxing client terrace area and there is wifi running throughout the building. It is from these great facilities that we are able to service Film Productions and Television Productions in Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Our Locations Department and Visuals Department have hundreds of thousands of film location images and have intimate knowledge of what is and isn’t feasible onsite. We have found that without that knowledge Production Companies can get into trouble, promising their clients things that simply can’t be executed or at least not within budget. At Palma Pictures we make it a priority to pass on our insider knowledge, helping to ensure a smooth production that is on budget.

Our knowledge has been built through our heritage; founded in 1993 by Ola Holmgren, a renowned Swedish Commercial Producer. He was one of the first industry professionals to recognise the filming potential Mallorca had to offer and given it is just off the coast of Barcelona how suited it would be to servicing Film and Television Productions in Spain as well as the Balearic Islands that include Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera.

To learn more about using our Production Services and Picture Perfect Service to produce your film or television shoot in Spain then please click here to talk to one of our International Producers.

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Palma Pictures Commercial Film Studio

The Palma Pictures Commercial Film Studio is technically big enough to hear an echo, however, it’s sound proofed, so actually you can’t. If you’d like to talk to one of our team about using our studio for your shoot and our Picture Perfect Service then please click here. You can also take a virtual tour of the studio and The Mediterranean Production Centre by clicking here.

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March is a busy month for Palma Pictures and one thing we always find interesting is where our clients come from. In March, we will be welcoming customers from France, Austria, Ireland, England, Italy, Germany and Norway. That’s a truly international client base… so why do they all want to shoot in Mallorca ahead of numerous other choices they have?

Obviously the Palma Pictures, Picture Perfect Service plays a part in this,

  • Palma Pictures has been operating since 1993 and in that time has provided production services to over 850 commercials and 20 feature films.
  • We have a unique business model; 45 full time staff, we own all the necessary equipment and we have 2 studios – we are ready to react and with everything under one roof we can be competitive on price.
  • Talent pool: 14,000 profiles of local people and we have the best buyout rates in the world.
  • English and Spanish are spoken by all the crew.

But we know that the real star in our offering is Mallorca (our beautiful Island, just off the coast of Barcelona, Spain).

Mallorca Beach

Shooting Locations

  • Thanks to the diversity offered in Mallorca, Palma Pictures has a location database boasting over 300,000 images.
  • The location database features mountains, beaches, cities, boats, an incredible cathedral, stadiums, bars, clubs, lighthouses, fishing villages, golf courses, forests, railways, sports centres, swimming pools, amazing villas and palaces, castles, cliffs and more – in effect we have the World on an Island.
  • Mallorca’s temperate climate combined with clear light and long sunny days provides the ideal conditions for any shoot – we have the best climate in Europe.


  • Mallorca’s airport is one of the busiest in Europe, offering daily connections to major cities across the continent and if you can’t come direct then it’s a short hop from Barcelona (30 minutes) and Madrid (1 hour).
  • Mallorca is a first class tourist industry provider meaning that there are over 1,000 hotels to suit any budget and taste. Two of the most popular hotels with clients are the Portixol and Hotel Tres.
  • Mallorca’s extensive network of roads means you are never more than 90 minutes away from any point of the island. This means you don’t waste time traveling in between locations.


  • Mallorca not only has world class hotels, it also has great restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • There are numerous award winning golf courses alongside relaxing spas and beach clubs, such as Puro Beach.
  • With Palma Pictures we can also get you discounts and exclusive access.
  • Learn more about our Mallorca at Palma Pictures Stories.

If you are interested in learning more about the ease and benefits of producing your shoot in Mallorca then please click here to speak to one of our team.

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At Palma Pictures we are hugely proud of our Production Centre and Commercial Studios and we know that our clients rely on this unique facility to help make their shoots go more smoothly. Of course this builds expectations and puts more strain on our infrastructure.

To answer the increasing demands and to ensure we remain a World Class provider of Production Services (Picture Perfect Service) we are making some improvements.

This is Miquel, our in-house electrician, wiring up the automated switch to power our huge 305 KW studio generator that starts up automatically if ever we have a power cut in the building so clients can rest assured that no shoot will ever be delayed due to a power failure in our state of the art studio. This generator is big enough to provide power to over 50 family homes at the same time!

Palma Pictures Generator

Palma Pictures - Miquel

This is the new office space, work in progress, for our ever increasing number of employees. This is the new part, the upstairs level.

Palma Pictures New Office Upstairs

And his is the downstairs section  – again it’s work in progress!

Palma Pictures New Office Downstairs

And this is how the new offices look from the outside.

Palma Pictures New Office External View

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Palma Pictures started operating in 1993, out of a small office in the heart of Palma’s old town (Mallorca, Spain), however, this was just the beginning. In 1998 our Production Centre and Studio complex was commissioned, with the doors opening in 2000.

Improvements are constantly being made to ‘The Mediterranean Production Centre’, these are done to continue to make sure that all of your needs and requirements are duly met under one roof – we have successfully serviced over 850 commercials and 20 feature films.

The 4,500 m2 (48,437 sq ft) centre boasts a gym, a restaurant, make-up room, wardrobe room, casting studios, a large open production office with x5 separate client production offices, locations office, 460m2 (4,951 sq ft) truck parking area; we also have a relaxing client terrace area and there is wifi running throughout the building.

Palma Pictures Production Centre

One of the most impressive parts of our Production Centre are the studios which have been used to make 100s of commercials; watch a selection of them by clicking here.

Palma Pictures Studio Plans

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a fully insulated sound stage with a floor area of 1,026 m2 (10,792 sq ft) and 8m (26′) height to the catwalks, including 42 sachtler teleclimber hoists with 2.5 and 5kw  dimmer connected to our Arri focus console. Our studio generator power supply to this stage can be up to 500 kw and the stage has full temperature controlled air conditioning. We have a choice of chroma blue and green screen cloths 6m (22′) high by 36m (118′) long on curtain tracks so the entire length of the studio can be covered when needed.

  • Length: 33m/108′
  • Width: 31m/101′
  • Total Floor Area: 1,026 m2/10,792 sq ft
  • Height of Studio: 10m/33′
  • Height of Catwalks: 8m/26′
  • Power Supply: 305kw with possibility of connecting secondary 187kw mobile generator for studio lighting (Total = 0.5 mw output)
  • Hoist system installed: 42 Sachtler Teleclimber hoists, all controlled from a ground level data control system and Arri focus dimmer desk providing dimmer control to 42 x 2.5kw and 42 x 5kw tungsten lamps
  • Curtains: Cyclorama all round track system 6.6m/22′ from floor to curtain track
  • Blue screen: 1 x 36m/118′ length
  • Green screen: 1 x41.5m/136′ length
  • Black: 3 x 28m/92′ length
  • White: 1 x 36m/118′ length

Stage 2

Stage 2 is our Packshot Studio and has a floor area of 90 m2 (969 sq ft) and 3.6m (11′) to the rigging, with a 2 wall cyclorama and black/white curtains.

  • Length: 10m/33′
  • Width: 9m/30′
  • Total area: 90 m2/969 sq ft
  • Height to rigging: 3.6m/11′
  • Full floor to roof cyclorama with black and white curtains on tracks

Below are some pictures of the Studios. To get a closer look why don’t you take our Virtual Tour? You can explore each part in 360, just click to start.

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 1

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 2

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 3

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 4

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 5

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 6

Palma Pictures Studio Pic 7

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