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Data Protection Policy

Corporate Identity

Identity: Palma Pictures, SL
Calle Siurells 4,
CP. 07141 Marratxí (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
Telephone: 971 226 232


What do we use the data for?
Casting, to be able to classify the people interested in taking part in projects in a more detailed fashion, so that it is easy to facilitate the selection process for our clients.
Locations, to have a visual reference of the most relevant features of the properties on offer.
Production, to be able to draw up the documents needed to manage shoots, putting the different teams involved in the project in touch with each other.
Staff, to select the people who may join our teams in the future
Clients in order to draw up production, newsletter and marketing documents.

How long do we store the data for?

Our databases are mainly used to contact the different parties involved, as the rest of the data may evolve and requires frequent updates. In any case, we will retain the data on our systems for as long as the relationship with the interested party continues.


Except for in the case of Newsletters, our legitimate reason to handle data is so that we can maintain a commercial/provision-of-services relationship with the interested party.
In the case of minors under 13 years of age, we will not handle their data without prior explicit consent from their parents or legal representatives.
In the case of Newsletters, we use data as we already have consent to do so - this consent can be withdrawn at any time, with no retroactive effects.


Sharing data with third parties
Notwithstanding any legal obligations which may mean we are obliged to disclose data to third parties, the data belonging to people taking part in castings may be shared with third parties who take part in the same (for example the catering service). Except for in these two cases, we will never share data with third parties without prior explicit consent from the owner of the same.

Data category

Within the framework of your activities we will collect the following type of data:
- Identity details
- Contact details (telephone, email etc...)
- Bank details.
- Information on hobbies, skills, tastes (for castings).
- Health information (for castings and only in order to manage menus and diets).


- Access the personal data.
- Rectify the personal data.
- Withdraw the personal data.
- Present a claim or letter for the custody of your rights at the Spanish Data Protection Agency or at the autonomous region's data protection agency, if applicable.
- Be informed of any security incident which may affect your rights.

Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment
Palma Pictures - Equipment


We've been organising equipment for a dazzling array of DOP´s from all around the world for over twenty years, and during the course of that time we've built up an encyclopedic knowledge of top quality gear and where to source it from, as well as best-value alternatives.

When we're filming on the mainland and in the Canary islands we supplement the gear we own with kit coming in from a network of trusted suppliers all across Spain as well as France, Germany, Holland, Italy and the UK.

When shooting in the Balearics we use our own gear which is exclusively owned and maintained by us. Our prices are extremely competitive and producers have the added benefit of not needing to bring in all their gear from overseas every time.

These packages have been honed by our experience on over 1000 commercials and we believe they contain everything required for a successful shoot, whatever the weather.

Take our Location Package or our Studio package or talk to our Technical Director and make up your own bespoke package together from our Full Equipment Inventory.

Technical Director:
Peter-John Knox


Full Equipment Inventory