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Right of access, modification, erasure and objection: Users who provide personal data to the Service Provider via the current web page, shall be able at any time to exercise their right of access, modification, erasure and objection by request sent by post to Palma Pictures TMPC S.L., with address at calle Siurell 4, 07142 Marratxí­ (Palma), including a copy of the DNI or NIF of the data holder. The Service Provider hereby reiterates its commitment to respect and safeguard the confidentiality of all User personal data gathered and processed, likewise declaring its commitment to the non-assignment thereof to third parties without prior data subject’s consent, except in the event of the incidents expressed below in his Data Protection Policy and all exceptions set forth in the applicable legislation.

Confidentiality- The Service Provider hereby ensures the full confidentiality and privacy of the personal data gathered, having taken technical and operational safety measures to prevent any unauthorized alteration, loss, handling or access thereto, thus guaranteeing its integrity and confidentiality, with special consideration given to the provisions in this regard set forth in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21th of December. The Service Provider shall not be held liable under any circumstance for any incident which might arise regarding personal data derived either from an attack or unauthorized access to the system in such a way as to render it undetectable by the security systems in place or else when due to a lack of diligence on the part of the User regarding the care and safeguard of User passwords or even the actual personal data.

Veracity of data- The User shall be responsible for the reliability of the data, undertaking to not enter false data and to modify data if necessary.


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1. Environmental Certifications

Environmental Certifications

We don’t just talk about reducing our impact, we're doing it. Since 2011 we have been audited by an external company to check that we are keeping within the demands of the following environmental certifications:

ISO 14001, the globally recognised certification for good environmental practices.
EMAS, the European equivalent, harder to achieve and requires continuous improvement in order to retain it.

See our CERTIFICATES here.

See our LATEST DECLARATION here (in Spanish).

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2. Re-usable water bottles

Re-usable water bottles

Check out our handy aluminium bottles. We calculated that in a year we consumed around 50,000 little plastic bottles on our sets. To drastically reduce that number we committed to gifting all of our crew and visiting clients a re-usable bottle to help reduce our impact on the environment and help keep our beautiful locations... well, beautiful.
Production people everywhere can make a difference by asking caterers to supply water fountains on all sets and encouraging the use of re-usable bottles. Come shoot with us and get yours!

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3. Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our main offices make use of the beautiful Mediterranean daylight so we hardly need to switch lights on most days.

What we are doing in this area:

Energy-saving office equipment
Movement sensors in all appropriate areas to maximise efficiency.
Undergoing a study of the level of efficiency of lighting in every part of our building to ensure we maximise this across the premises.
Ongoing staff training to ensure consistent good practice.
Working lights for production on set to avoid unnecessary use of big generators.
Regular adjustment of timers on our watering systems according to changing needs throughout the year.
Driving Efficiency Instructions in every vehicle.
Environmental manuals in our Art workshops to ensure good practice in every area.

Environmental Manuals in our art workshops

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4. Paper-saving initiatives

Paper-saving initiatives

It’s easy to be attached to the ritual of printing. And no easy task to achieve a paperless office but we are trying. You can help too by asking your Line Producer for a Paperless Production next time you come shoot with us.

Some initiatives we have introduced:

We only buy 100% recycled paper.
We print double-sided.
We re-use the blank side of any paper before recycling.
We are phasing out the printed PRODUCTION BOOKLET, CALL SHEET, SHOOTING SCHEDULE… after all, almost everyone has at least one digital platform to view these on. We are already printing 60% less in these areas.
We are digitalising our processes in every department.
We use the scanner instead of the photocopier.

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5. Company environmental day

Company environmental day

For even longer than we have had our environmental certifications, we have been offering up all of our full time staff to do a good environmental deed for a day every year. We are joined by some freelance friends and we all spend a day doing something to benefit our local environment.

If you have any suggestions for future Environmental Days, please contact our Sustainability Project Manager.

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6. Re-using props and set pieces

Re-using props and set pieces

Our art directors try to re-use existing material and rent rather than buy wherever possible.

Art directors fill out a form after every shoot stating which materials have been purchased / rented / re-used / recycled… this helps create awareness and has shown us the progress that has been made since the initiative started.
We all know that art department can be one of the most wasteful departments – a few years ago there were no prop houses in Mallorca making it difficult to re-use any materials for shoots – but all this has changed and now art directors are storing many items to rent out later.

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7. PP Costume Rental

PP Costume Rental

In the past our Costume Crew were constantly spending clients’ money buying basics over and over again – white shirts, plain T-Shirts, office-wear… so we decided to join forces with one of our main Stylists and start a Costume Rental house in Mallorca to avoid the unnecessary expense and waste. After each shoot, any unwanted items are donated to the store and then shoots are charged a small flat fee to borrow as many items as they want to help dress their cast. Better for the production, better for the environment!

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8. Waste Separation & Correct Disposal

Waste Separation & Correct Disposal

We are making a huge effort to separate as much of our waste as possible to ensure that it ends up being recycled or otherwise disposed of correctly.

What we are doing in this area:

Our offices recycle paper, printer cartridges, drinks cans…
The on-set catering company separates food packaging and drinks cans from general waste.
Our Lighting department keeps old polystyrene reflectors and we send them to a local plant to re-use them for construction materials.
We use an authorised waste disposal company to make sure that any hazardous waste such as car filters, batteries and electronics are disposed of correctly.

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9. Meat free Monday

Meat free friday

Inspired by the global campaign led my Paul McCartney, this initiative is designed to raise awareness about the climate-changing effects of the meat industry.

To read more about it or to get some vegetarian recipe ideas, click here!

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10. Re-usable or biodegradable catering articles

Re-usable catering articles

Our catering company has now phased out nearly all disposable articles and are using porcelain plates and real cutlery instead. The few throwaway articles still being used, such as paper cups, are 100% biodegradable.

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11. Leftover food donated to a good cause

Leftover food donated to a good cause

Whether it’s an un-eaten late break or the edible contents of a fruit market set, we make sure that we put as much of it as possible to good use, donating to soup kitchens or others in need.

Outside of our shooting activity we are also involved in the yearly initiative Operación Kilo, an initiative by the Food Bank to encourage donations of food by both individuals and corporations and increase awareness about the hunger that exists in the very society in which we live. Over the last few years we have managed to pull together almost 4000Kg of food for the needy in Mallorca, thanks to generous contributions from many of our crew, colleagues and suppliers.

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12. Before & After pictures

Before & After pictures

We are always extremely careful to look after our locations, not just the privately owned ones but also the beautiful backdrops nature provides us with. Now whenever we shoot on a natural location our Location Manager takes Before & After pics as proof that we are leaving each location just as we found it (or better!).

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14. Supporting Good Causes

Supporting Good Causes - Fireflies


For several years we have been sponsoring the Fireflies, a group of cyclists who take on a 1000km ride across the French alps each year in aid of Leuka, a cancer research charity.


RANA (Red de Ayuda a Niños Abusados / Help Network for Abused Children) is a non-profit association for the Balearic Islands, whose function is to prevent maltreatment and sexual child abuse through community awareness, education and the promotion of a multidisciplinary approach.
Click here to read more and here to see the commercial we shot for them.

SOS Plastic

When first time director Katrin Peters approached us about making a film to raise awareness about plastic poulltion in the sea, we had to get involved! We spent a great day on Portals Vells beach with a whole crew of our in-house staff and generous freelancers who were happy to contribute to such a worthy cause. You can view the film Plastic Seduction here and the making of here.


Chenoa is a popular singer amongst young people in Spain and she kindly gave her time and music to help a great cause: the children’s cancer unit at a Palma hospital. The song’s title is Today the Sun is Shining and it aims to encourage an attitude of strength and smiles in the face of the disease. Our crew and many of our freelance community stepped up to the occasion to make this project a reality.
See the VERY TOUCHING video here.

Operación Kilo

"Operación Kilo” is an initiative of the Food Bank where once a year they encourage individuals and companies to give a Kilo of imperishable food which will be distributed to those who need it most. Palma Pictures makes a bigger contribution to this campaign each year, when the Receptionist and all-round good samaritan Jenni Sykes calls upon all the staff, freelance crew and local suppliers to donate to the cause. Each year the efforts have been increasing and in 2015 a team of talented freelancers volunteered to shoot a film in support of the initiative with the help of Palma Pictures in-house staff and equipment. Since 2012, over 5 tonnes of food have been donated as a result of Jenni’s efforts!
You can watch the film here.