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We’ve got Spain covered

Spain has an incredible range of locations and landscapes, standing in for destinations around the world. Our location scouts can find you the perfect location for your shoot, whether in the middle of the desert, by a beach, up a mountain or in a city centre.


Do you have the perfect location for our clients?

Hiring your home out for filming can be a great way to supplement household income.

Palma Pictures is always looking for the next film and photography locations.

Registration is quick and simple:

  • Fill out your details in this property registration form below an upload the pictures.
  • One of the team will call you personally to chat through your location.
  • Take pictures of you property showing it in the best possible light.

    Once we have received your images, we will be able to tell you whether it has the potential to work as a shoot location or not.
    At this point, we’ll be able to discuss representation in more detail.

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