Who we are

We are a full service, one stop shop production services company, delivering the full spectrum of content to a global clientele.

What we do

We deal in content creation and capture, and have done so for over 25 years. Whether it’s global TVCs, award-winning TV dramas, feature films or high-end photography, visual storytelling is our passion. We do it every day, all year round and keep seeking to hone our expertise in order to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Renault Kangoo | Production Company: WIZZ | Directed by: Marcus Söderlund

Where we do it

Global Spread

Over the years, we have shot with clients from over 35 countries based in 6 of the 7 continents (we have yet to find any clients in Antarctica, but we are still looking!) and have a network of international producers based in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai. While Europe provides many of our clients, we have also shot this year with US, Canadian, Asian and Russian clients.

How it’s done

We provide a complete end to end service and will provide all the resources needed to guarantee high quality content capture. We supply everything from personnel, equipment and transportation to casting, location services and studio facilities. Perhaps most importantly, we provide know-how and solutions.

We operate from a fully equipped 4,500 m2 studio and office complex (restaurant, gym, costume, make-up, green rooms, construction workshops, casting studio and packshot studios); have over 40 full time crew and a flexible staffing structure that allows for several hundred co-workers per day through our freelance database. We own state of the art camera, lighting and grip equipment, as well as a dedicated fleet of in-house technicians, familiar with the equipment.