Corporate Social Responsibility



We are strongly committed to act responsibly as an employer and as a member of the business community. CSR activity is a key focus in our annual strategy and all members of our team are committed to achieving our annual goals.

At Palma Pictures we are proud of our strong history of minimising our environmental impact. Since 2011 we have been EMAS and ISO 14001 certified, acknowledging our ongoing efforts in protecting and maintaining the local environment. In April 2021, we also passed the EMAS certification for the eleventh year. We are also a member of SEDEX, a non-profit organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. Collaborating with corporations that share this ideology is incredibly important to us as we are constantly seeking new ways that we can improve.


Our designated sustainability officer ensures that all staff are aware of and following our environmental initiatives, which include correct waste separation, re-using props and going paperless where possible. Preserving our beautiful island home really does matter to us and sustainability continues to be at the heart of everything we do.

Solar-powered shoots

In 2017 we installed over 100 solar panels on the roof of our studio complex, providing solar-powered shoots by maximising use of the glorious Spanish sunshine.

Considerate catering

Our caterers use porcelain plates and real cutlery rather than disposables and we often participate in ‘Meat Free Monday’. Any leftover food from our canteen is regularly donated to those in need in the local community, please see ‘Operación Kilo’ section below for more information.

Removing plastic bottles

We have completely cut plastic bottle usage by continuing to gift aluminium Palma Pictures water bottles to all new staff, crew and incoming clients, which can be re-filled at water coolers, both in our offices and on location.

Operación Kilo

Led by our Head of Reception Jenni Sykes, we have collected and delivered over 7,000kg of food donated by our staff, freelancers and local suppliers since we started participating with this excellent charity back in 2012. The charity then distributes the food and other essentials to those in need here on the island. In 2018 our long-term contribution to this initiative was recognised with an award from the major charitable organisation Mallorca Sense Fam.


We developed comprehensive COVID-19 protocols which were continually enhanced throughout the year, including PCR and antigen tests before filming, temperature checks upon arrival on set, masks worn throughout the day and regularly replaced, social distancing, posters indicating the safety measures, designated waste bins for PPE, handwashing facilities, and COVID-19 training for many of our producers. In particular, our talent manager Debbie Gill received the UK-recognised health and safety COVID-coordinator training and certification, operating as supervisor for many productions.