How we work

We offer a complete end to end service and will provide all the resources needed to guarantee high quality content capture. We supply everything from personnel, equipment and transportation to casting, location services and studio facilities. Perhaps most importantly, we provide know-how and solutions.

We operate in a transparent, respectful way with our clients, our staff and our environment. In this section, you will see a number of initiatives focused on Company Values and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We operate from a fully equipped 4,500 m2 studio and office complex (restaurant, gym, costume, make-up, green rooms, construction workshops, casting studio and packshot studios); have over 40 full time crew and a flexible staffing structure that allows for several hundred co-workers per day through our freelance database. We own state of the art camera, lighting and grip equipment, as well as a dedicated team of in-house technicians, familiar with the equipment.


Our company culture is the “way we do things around here”, it is what really defines us. We want our teams to act with initiative, customer centricity and be proactive rather than needing to be directed.

At Palma Pictures we don’t believe in hierarchy and pyramidal organizational structures. Instead we advocate challenge and create an environment that attracts and retains talent. Over time we have managed to assemble a formidable team of highly capable freethinking, motivated and fun-loving people from all corners of the planet.

Palma Pictures has a long history of training its crew. When the company started out on Mallorca back in 1993 the industry on the island was limited to local television, us is now home to world-class technicians. Some of the top crew in Spain have spent time on Palma Pictures’ staff and continue to work with us regularly on feature films, tv series, commercials and photo shoots. Our staff get the opportunity to work their way up through the different departments on full-time contracts, ensuring that they get out on set regularly to work with some of the industry’s best people.

In 2021, Covid restrictions meant that we weren’t able to take on as many trainees and interns as we typically do. However, we used the opportunity to broaden the capabilities of our in-house crew who were given the possibility to travel to different regions of Spain and work across different formats, from small photo & motion shoots to 200+ crew films and series. By the end of the year many of our staff had advanced their careers to take on new positions within the company.

Our Values in Action and Your Voice

We believe in living our values and to keep them alive we regularly share stories about how our colleagues have been Fresh, Generous, Clear and Smart. Culture is all about storytelling and we enjoy sharing these positive stories about the people who are Palma Pictures.

We also use a survey which we call “Your Voice” to measure how well our staff think the values are being upheld throughout the year. Our overall staff satisfaction score has risen steadily over the past few years to a level which is considered high, most recently represented by a score of 84.5%.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are strongly committed to act responsibly as an employer and as a member of the business community. CSR activity is a key focus in our annual strategy and all members of our team are committed to achieving our annual goals.