Succesfully providing
production services in Spain
for over 25 years.

We provide
first class production services
to the most creative companies
in the world.

We operate in a
transparent, respectful way
with our clients, our staff
and our environment.

Who we are

We are a full service (one stop shop) production services company delivering the full spectrum of content (from stills to feature films) with a global clientele. Whether it’s global TVCs; award-winning TV dramas; feature films; or high-end photo stills, visual story telling is our passion.

What we do

We deal in content creation and capture and have done so for over 25 years. Whether it’s global TVCs; award-winning TV dramas; feature films; or high-end photo stills, visual story telling is our passion. We do it every day, all year round and keep seeking to hone our expertise in order to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Where we do it

Spain – we shoot all over this wonderful country from the mainland to the Islands (our birthplace was Mallorca and we are still headquartered here), from the mountains of the Pyrenees to the deserts in southern Spain. We have a network of International Producers who cover markets spanning the globe, who understand the particular needs of clients and “speak your language”

How it’s done

We provide a complete end to end service and will provide all the resources needed to guarantee high quality content capture. We supply everything from personnel, equipment and transportation to casting, location services and studio facilities. Perhaps most importantly, we provide know-how and solutions.

Recent Work


Production Company: Excuse My French

Directed by: Michael Clowater


Production Company: Indiana

Directed by: Richard Lee


Production Company: 2AM

Directed by: Steve Cope

Love Island

Production Company: ITV Studios

Directed by: Richard Cowles

The Mallorca Files – Season 2

Production Company: Cosmopolitan Pictures,
Clerkenwell Films

Created by: Dan Sefton


Operation Mincemeat

Production Company: See-Saw Films, Cohen Media Group, A Film Location Company, Archery Pictures, FilmNation Entertainment, Haversack Films LTD

Directed by: John Madden

How we did

Revenues for 2020 were at 7.3M€. The Company’s sales have been significantly reduced due to the drop in demand as a result of the effects of this pandemic. We did secure work across our main businesses (commercials, tv, and photo) through the second half of the year, in part, this was through providing a remote shooting facility.

EBITDA for 2020 at – 483.550€.
As mentioned, due to the pandemic, work was markedly reduced in 2020, however the company worked hard on efficiency and cost control measures to limit the impact on profitability.