How we did

We are a full service (one stop shop) Production services company delivering the full spectrum of content (from stills to feature films) with a global clientele.



Revenues for 2019 were at 19.38M€. We managed a number of long form projects for clients via SPVs (securing the tax rebate for them), with billings of approx. 40M€ and total billings in 2019 reached a record 63.3M€.


EBITDA for 2019 at 1.83M€ represents an 11% rise year over year, which was driven by a focused sales and marketing programme supported by a range of production efficiency initiatives.


    We continue to see a broad mix of billings from our 3 business lines. Film and TV represented the majority at 63%, Commercials were 25% of our billings and Photo (Stills) 12%.