Sales improved 8% to 17.33M€ (15.98M€) with contributions from across all our categories of work, representing a good performance in largely subdued markets.

A very significant 130% rise in EBITDA at 1.18M€ (513K€) was achieved for 2017, driven by a range of efficiency programmes and improved sales management.




Revenues in 2017 were up 8% to €17.33M. In addition, we managed a long form project for a client via an SPV as we are securing the tax rebate for them, with revenue of €4.5M, meaning that total billings for 2017 were in excess of €21M.


EBITDA for 2017 at €1.18M represents a 130% rise year over year, also ahead of the trend of the preceding 3 years, driven from an effective efficiency programme.

Revenue per Shooting Day

We saw another rise in revenue per TVC shooting day to €98k (€91k), a rise of 7%, following a trend over the last 4 years as campaign sizes grow.


    We continue to see a broad mix of revenues from our 3 business lines, with TV commercials still contributing the largest share (69%in 2017 versus 77% in the previous year). TV and long form (25% versus 14%) and as mentioned above, is understated and Photo (6% versus 10%) was a little flat.


    Top Markets

      We saw good level of diversity in our client base with the UK still our strongest market, but closely followed by Scandinavia, North America and France.

      Top 10 Clients

      Our top 10 clients (across all business lines) contributed over 8.5m (49.5%) of our turnover. Long form clients make up a significant portion of this turnover.

      Shooting Days

      Shooting Days per quarter

      Our shooting days in 2017 continue to follow the 2 season model (spring into early summer and autumn) which cuts across quarters, however 2017 showed a more balanced profile of shooting.