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Outsider is a global, multi-award winning film production company, representing some of the best directors in the industry. So, we were delighted to once again provide our production services for their latest project, this time a 2 day shoot in Mallorca.

Outsider, Production CompanyJorn Threlfall was the talented director and he was supported by Jeremy Bannister (Producer), Nicolaj Bruel (DOP), Matthew Clark (1st AD), Guillermo Moreno (Key Grip), Ann-Charlotte Fennhagen (Stylist) and Pebbles (Hair & Make-Up).

Whether you are a big or small production company, if you need help shooting in Spain then please do get in touch by clicking here – with over 20 years of experience, we’ll deliver a world class experience.

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We were delighted to recently wrap a one day shoot with Mad Cow Films (a production company with offices in London and Santiago).

Mad Cow FilmsMad Cow Films have been making TV commercials, viral content and short films for over ten years. For this shoot in Mallorca, they worked with the talented director, Carl Le Blond, who was supported by Steve Downer (DOP).

If you’d like to shoot in Spain for one day, or for more, then please click here to talk to our experienced International Sales Team who will help make it happen.

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Spot Maremostra 03. Presentación de la tercera edición de Maremostra Palma International Film Festival from SOLWORKS on Vimeo.

PALMA PICTURES are proud to announce they are the official sponsors of the MAREMOSTRA Ocean International Film Festival, which is taking place from 26– 31 May. Palma De Mallorca becomes the hub of European Cinema for Filmmakers, Artists, Producers and Journalists.

This annual International Film Festival focuses on THE SEA as a theme, taking in all genres, including fiction, documentaries and films. Perspectives include science, activism, sports, commercial cinema, independent cinema and gastronomy.

Palma Pictures has a particular interest in Cinema and Tourism across Spain and The Balearics and will be hosting THE PROFESSIONAL JOURNEYS part of the programme.

Intellectual debates will take place between a variety of International contributors, regarding the benefits of shooting in Spain and other International countries.

Participants include:
•  Andrew Wootton, Director of Film London
•  Carlos Rosado, Director of the Spanish Film Commission
•  Ingrid Ruderfors, Swedish Film Commission
•  Susana De La Sierra, Managing Director ICAA
•  Hrvoje Hribar, Director of Croatian Audiovisual Centre
•  Xavier Cubeles, Head of the Laboratory of Economics of Culture & Tourism,
Barcelona Media
• German Traver, President of The Audiovisual Cluster of The Balearic Islands

For more information contact: Trent Walton, Executive Producer, Palma Pictures.
T +34 971 226 232

Palma Pictures Mallorca

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Mallorca is just a short plane ride away from almost everywhere in Europe and it always makes us happy to be working with great clients whom we can also call our neighbours. So, we were delighted to recently wrap a 2 day shoot with Schokolade, one of Germany’s Top 30 biggest production companies.

Schokolade, Production CompanyThe Hamburg born Andreas Schafer was the talented director on the shoot and he was supported by Rocco Kopecny (Producer) and Lutz Hattenhauer (DOP). Thanks also to Alan Finlay (1st AD), Oliver Muller (Gaffer), Guillermo Moreno (Key Grip), Ursula Piber (Stylist) and Mariella Morreale (Hair & Make Up).

We don’t just work with European production clients, we boast a global client base and our International Sales Team are here to help you with your next shoot, anywhere in Spain – click here to contact them.

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In 2008, seven artists combined to form Elefant Studios in Switzerland, in 2014 they chose to use Palma Pictures’ production services for a two day shoot.

Elefant StudiosThe Director on the shoot was Fabian Gasser, who has a passion for animation, he was supported by Marco Leisi (Producer) and Tobias Dengler (DOP).

If you’re a production agency based in Switzerland, or anywhere else on the globe, then click here to contact our International Sales Team about shooting in Spain. And if you’re wondering, “What’s the greatest thing about shooting in Spain”, then click here to find out.

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We were delighted to recently wrap a shoot in the Canary Islands, did you know this is the warmest place in Europe in the winter, with an average year round temperature of 22 degrees?

On the two day shoot we were excited to be working again with our friends at SONNY, a London based production company, and Guy Manwaring, the award winning director.

SONNY London, production companyThe producer on the shoot was Amy Appleton and the DOP was Mark Patten.

If you’re interested in shooting in the Canary Islands or anywhere else in Spain, then click here to talk to our experienced international sales team to discuss your needs – whether it be a big budget or something more modest.

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With the start of the new year comes a new Palma Pictures newsletter. Welcome to Issue One and the hot news that we’re now shooting in the Canary Islands (which boast the warmest temperatures in Europe in the winter), as well as the rest of Spain.

Palma Pictures, NewsletterTo talk to our International Sales team about all your shooting needs and our production services please click here.

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We’re very excited to announce that Palma Pictures are one of the sponsors of Regielounge in Berlin on the 13th Feb.


On the 13th February BBDO Proximity Germany present the Regielounge – the only advertising film event during the Berlinale Berlin Film Festival. Host Steffan Gentis, Chief Production Officer of BBDO Proximity in Germany, has chosen the exclusive club Goya for his extremely popular directors showcase. A stunning lineup of talented directors from all over the world includes Philip Stozel (“the Physician”).

Gentis is not revealing more at this moment: “We are taking the Regielounge into a new area, with our partners nhb and Palma Pictures bringing a significant contribution to the program”.

Although this year’s Berlin edition is at Goya, which is much bigger, Gentis suggests: “register at Facebook.com/Regielounge and be on time – last year we turned away over 400 guests”.

Presented by

Agency of the year 2013: Art Directors Club Germany and Manager Magazin

Palma Pictures Spain is the most successful production service company in Europe, uniquely offering its own studios, equipment and crew – as well as unbeatable weather.

nhb has offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf, delivering high end digital image processing and sound production to all the major agencies and film productions in Germany.

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Our favourite industry magazine Shots recently interviewed our Managing Director, Mike Day. Below is a copy of the interview with Mike…

Mike Day, Palma Pictures

What is the most creative advertising idea you’ve seen in the last few months?

Over the last year we have executed projects for clients from over 20 countries. We see our fair share of great creative. A couple of campaigns we unfortunately were not involved in that stick firmly in my mind are Operation Christmas by Lowe/SSP3 for the Colombian military and the British Heart Foundation’s work with Grey. Much easier to hum along to the Bee Gees while trying to save someone’s life, than trying to remember the first aid course you did many moons ago, eh?

What’s your favourite website?

I love Springwise.com. It regularly delivers a constant stream of innovative ideas across multiple genres. A thought provoker.

What website do you use most regularly?

Chess.com. My old friend Pete and I have had a daily game of chess going almost continuously for the last seven years. It’s a great way to pause your thoughts and flip your thinking every now and then.

Mac or PC?

Mac, all the way.

What track/artist would you listen to for inspiration?

Tough question. Totally depends on my mood. My dad was programme controller at Capital Radio and so I grew up surrounded by music. Probably Dylan from a song writing perspective (my son is called Dylan).

What product could you not live without?

My punch bag – the ultimate stress buster. I spend just 20 minutes hammering away at it on a Saturday morning and I’m all set for the weekend.

What product hasn’t been invented yet that would make your life/job better?

A teleporter would be most welcome. Skip all that jet lag and airport queuing. I might even be able to take sharp objects and liquids aboard.

What’s the best film you’ve seen over the last year?

Searching for Sugar Man enthralled me. A remarkable story, beautifully told. Although I do tend to spend more time watching television series – 40 minutes suits my schedule and there is such a phenomenal range of quality television drama available at the moment. The recent output from the US, UK and Scandinavia is enough for a lifetime of riveting viewing. I’m another Breaking Bad addict. How good is that programme!

What show/exhibition has most inspired you recently?

My wife and I scored some tickets to see the Stones in New Jersey last Christmas for our honeymoon, courtesy of the lovely Ronnie Wood. After 50 years they still rock. I also love browsing the posters at the Reel Poster Company (reelposter.com). It has a fabulously evocative collection. Some of their rarities would set you back a small fortune.

If you could live in one city, where would it be?

An impossible question to answer as there are so many I have yet to visit. I’m pretty happy with the small Mallorquin village I call home. Views of stunning mountains and a 15 minute commute take some beating.

What fictitious character do you most relate to?

Danny Rose played by Woody Allen in Broadway Danny Rose. He gets bushwhacked at every turn, but comes up trumps in the end.

What’s your favourite magazine?

If I have any time left after I have spun my way through the required weekly reading of MBI’s stable of hits, then I would happily browse Tyler Brule’s Monocle. Their digital radio station is pretty good too.

Who’s your favourite photographer?

So many to choose from. I’m enjoying following my friend Freddie’s global travels as a sound recordist. He takes a mean photo too – freddieclaire.com.

Who’s your favourite designer?

I’m a sucker for a Paul Smith suit, although my wife is working hard to make me fully understand the allure of Louboutins. For her of course.

If you could have been in any band, what band would you choose?

Got to be Zeppelin or the Stones. Racing motorbikes down hotel corridors or hanging out in French chateaus has a certain appeal…


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At Palma Pictures we’ve been fortunate enough to have lived and worked in one of the most beautiful locations in the world for the past 20 years. And during that time we’ve had the pleasure of sharing that journey with some of the most creative, famous and entertaining people, brands and companies in the world too.

ShootInTheSun.com is our way of celebrating. A way of collecting together (curating if you like) the extraordinary sights, sounds and experiences that we, our clients and our crews have loved, and still love, about shooting all over the incredible country that is Spain.

So we’re asking everyone, “What’s the greatest thing about Shooting in Spain?” Below are a couple of responses from our crew, click here to check out the site for more. We’d also love you to get involved in our celebration of shooting in Spain, please do upload your own pictures to our website – for full details on how to submit, please click here.

Shoot in the Sun, German

Shoot in the Sun, Chris


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