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It’s time for another big thank you to our friends over at Azimut. This time around they joined us for a 2 day shoot in Mallorca. One of the great things about shooting with the guys is that we can always look forward to a good supper and a few laps around the Go-Cart track after the shoot!

Azimut Productions

Director for the commercial was Ian Emes, he was supported by Michael Van Der Veken (Executive Producer), Shaun Treloar (Producer), Tony May (DOP), Guido Konjin (Art Director) and Richard Van Der Merwe (Gaffer).

If you would like to shoot in Mallorca, somewhere else in the Balearics or indeed mainland Spain, then click here to contact us – with over 20 years experience of providing production services, we’ve got you covered.

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After spending two years in Mallorca, in a combined role of running all German business and heading up Production, Michael Nouri is relocating to Barcelona.

He will be charged with overseeing an exciting period of expansion for the company which will include a move into bigger offices and recruitment.

With Michael at the helm, Palma Pictures intend to capitalise on the increasing demand for its services across mainland Spain. The company has enjoyed providing an increasingly diverse portfolio of locations since taking its brand to the mainland permanently in 2012.

Michael will be our main point of contact for all clients wishing to shoot on the mainland but he will also continue to look after all our German business. Michael has 20 years of experience in executive positions in the commercial film industry. Before joining Palma Pictures, Michael spent seven years working on European sales as an Executive Producer for Stillking Films and before that as a Producer for a variety of German based production companies.

Michael Nouri

“I love what I do. I love connecting the right people together and getting the best possible results for the scripts I receive. Spain is an incredible backdrop for creativity, and with our amazing crews and first-class equipment, this is a great place to shoot.”

You can find Michael’s contact details by visiting our new website.

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Check out this commercial that we helped to make for Cavalli with our friends at Soixan7e Quin5e (a production company based in Paris).

We filmed over 2 days with the director, Jonas Akerlund, in three stunning locations, using boats, helicopters and parrots!

Click through to view it now.

Cavalli fragrance commercial


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We recently helped the UK arm of Biscuit Filmworks (they also have offices in LA), along with Saatchi & Saatchi, create a series of films for Weight Watchers.

Click through to check out the Director’s (Clay Weiner) Cut.

Weight Watchers directors cut

If you’d like to shoot anywhere in Spain then we’ve got you covered! Click here to talk to our experienced International Sales Team.

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We were delighted to recently wrap a shoot with the good people at Chief – an award winning British production company based in Manchester, with offices in London and Sydney.

Chief Production CompanyThe director on the one day shoot was Nate Camponi, he was supported by Colin Offland, MD of Chief Production and Executive Producer, Jess Wretham (Producer), Simon Hawken (DOP), Mercedes Eguiagaray (Line Producer), Matthew Clark (1st AD), Martin Caceres (Gaffer), Henrik Gustavsson (Key Grip), Guido Konijn (Art Director), Nadia Czajkowski (Stylist) and Kay Childs (Hair and Make-Up).

If you’re interested in shooting in Spain for one day or longer then please click here to contact our International Sales Team.

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We recently wrapped a 4 day shoot with Biscuit Filmworks, a commercial film production company with offices in LA and the UK, where we helped them make an advert for a well known dieting brand.

Biscuit Filmworks

The director on the shoot was American Clay Weiner – he was supported by Dan Bronks (DOP), Iain Patrick (1st AD), Kiko Prieto (Focus Puller), Martin Twine (Key Grip), Damian Halpern (Gaffer), Ana Alvargonzalez (Art Director), Ann Charlotte (Stylist) and Pebbles (Make-Up).

Whether it’s a 4 day shoot, a 1 day shoot or something in between, we have over 20 years experience and we can help you shoot anywhere in Spain. Click here to contact our International Sales Team and discuss your needs.

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Palma Pictures Sustainability

During the course of 2013, we calculated that our friends, clients and crew consumed 47,000 little plastic water bottles on set with us.

A company like ours, one that prides itself on beautiful locations, stunning environments, and providing high quality production services… well, we can’t just go on like this.

Our answer is this water bottle.

Palma Pictures Water Bottles

By drinking from it, instead of a disposable plastic, we can help preserve the spaces and places we cherish and minimise our impact on the locations you love.

But there’s a catch. We can’t prove that together we’re making a difference unless you send us a pic… so tweet a quickie selfie of you and the bottle to @palmapics.

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Recently we wrapped a shoot in Mallorca with RSA Films, the production company started by Ridley and Tony Scott.

RSA Films

The 5 day shoot resulted in this advert which is currently showing in the UK,

RSA Films, Palma Pictures, LV

Director on the shoot was the talented Trevor Melvin – he was supported by Garfield Kempton (Producer), Ben Butler (DOP), Matthew Clark (1st AD), Laura Sabat (Art Director), Cosmo Campbell (Camera Operator), Kiko Prieto (Focus Puller), Damian Halpern (Gaffer), Henrik Gustavsson (Key Grip), Ann-Charlotte Fennhagen (Stylist) and Kay Childs (Hair & Make Up Artist).

If you’re a big or small production company looking to find the perfect location and production services company in Spain, then click here to talk to our International Sales Team.

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The Big Mama is an Italian production company and creative laboratory. They take inspiration from the culinary world because they believe making great audiovisuals is a little like “how to prepare a good meal: we need the right ingredients, expertly joined by a skilled cook.”

The Big Mama

This “Kitchen” is in Milan but they can “cook” anywhere… so we were delighted when they joined us in Mallorca to cook a 2 day shoot.

The Big Mama brought with them a talented directing duo in the form of Luca & Marcello Lucini. They were supported by Giada Sidoti (Producer), Cesare Danese (DOP), Cristina Manzanares (1st AD), Marcos Villarmin (Art Director), Martin Caceres (Gaffer), Guillermo Moreno (Key Grip), Monika Dybicz (Stylist) and Mariella Morreale (Hair & Make Up).

If you would like to ‘cook’ in Mallorca or anywhere else in Spain, then click here to talk to our International Sales Team.


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Mallorca attracts people from around the globe and likewise here at Palma Pictures we attract clients from around the world. It was with pleasure that we recently worked with Action Film from Russia.

Action Film, Production Company

The Russian Production Studio, which was formed in 2001, chose the talented Danish director, Grabol Niels for this one day shoot. He was supported by Svetlana Shvidkaya (Producer) and Francisco Alcaine (DOP).

If you are a Production Company based in Russia or elsewhere in the world, looking to shoot in Spain, then click here to talk to our experienced International Sales Team.

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