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We recently offered free production services for a cause that we firmly believe in, the Expedition Med campaign. The project is very much in keeping with the spirit of what we’re trying to do here at Palma Pictures with the protection of the environment…

Save the Med

The spot is to help a French NGO gather 1 million signatures on a petition to send to the EU, putting pressure on them to bring legislation into force to reduce the amount of plastic used in product packaging. A huge amount of the plastic ends up in the sea and makes its way into the food chain.

Apart from reducing the amount of plastic in packaging, converting to more biodegradable materials, the campaign aims to raise awareness amongst consumers so that we can make a choice when shopping. Click here to sign the petition.

The shoot took place during a gloriously sunny day at Portalls Vells beach, what wasn’t so glorious was the garbage. We dressed the beach with rubbish we found from beaches across Mallorca – illustrating the point that too much plastic is floating in the seas of the world.

Plastic Beach

Many thanks to Katrin Peters who was director on the shoot and DOP George Tsikos, also a big thank you to everybody who volunteered and gave their services for free.

On the note of plastic in the sea, you should watch this video on Garbage Island in the Pacific, scary.


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One of the Palma Pictures team, Danny Serra, has a new name, ‘The Madman Coming from Mallorca’.

How did Danny pick up this new name? It’s all part of an effort to raise money for Help for Heroes, a UK charity for those injured in conflicts.

Help for Heroes

On the 26th February, Danny and 79 other MGF or TF owners will be driving around the M25 (the motorway that circles London), the drive is at night and they have to drive with the roofs down – they are going to be freezing!

For most of the entrants, taking part is simple but obviously Danny lives here in Mallorca and hence his new name. He starts his epic journey on Tuesday and will be taking the ferry to Barcelona before driving all the way to Calais in France and then he has to get on another ferry to England. By the way, he is trusting that ‘Gordon’ will behave throughout the journey (Danny rescued Gordon from going to the scrapyard and nurtured him back to his full glory), we’re sure he will.

Gordon the MGF

Danny’s story has obviously helped inspire people to donate generously, the target was to raise £500 but it’s well over, £1,500 now, which is fantastic. If you are interested in making a donation then click here. For more info on the event and the banter amongst the participants check out the MG-Rover.org Forum.

At Palma Pictures we love it when members of our team go on an adventure in aid of a good cause, we’ll be posting up pictures of his journey and the M25 roof down challenge on our Facebook page. Good luck Danny!

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Palma Pictures Charity Shoot with RANA

In December, Palma Pictures, worked with local (Mallorca, Spain) charity RANA to produce their commercial for raising awareness against child abuse.

Everybody we asked to be involved volunteered their services for free to support this important cause. So thank you to everyone who participated in the project and a special thank you to Liz Homberg, founder of RANA, who spoilt the team rotten by bringing in the most delicious food to set.

Click through to see behind the scenes pictures.

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On Sunday, 19th December, Palma Pictures will be working with rana to produce an advert to raise awareness against child abuse.
We’re hoping the advert will be released mid-January 2011 on rana’s website and in time it will also be shown on local tv channels and on in-flight TV with airline companies that regularly fly to the Balearic Islands.
All of the crew have volunteered to work for free and we’re also donating the use of our studio and equipment to the project. Even our catering company are giving away free food in order to support this important cause.
Below is a list of some of the people helping to make this project a reality.
  • Joan Cobos
  • Lourdes Ribas
  • Rocio Romero
  • Alice Santana
  • Tracy Courtney
  • Rosa Cosmeli
  • Jenni Sykes
  • Carmen Moya
  • Pilar Amer
  • Mercedes Eguiagaray
  • 1st Assistant Director: Derek Watson
  • Director of Photography: Juanito
  • Focus Puller: Kiko Prieto
  • Gaffer: Richard
  • Best Boy: Martin Caceres
  • Electrician: Manu/Phil Finnegan
  • Key Grip: Ben Mitchell
  • Art Director: Guido Konijn
  • Art Assistant: Gustavo Timoner
  • Art Assistant: Johnny Tardibuono
  • Make Up: Kay Childs
  • Wardrobe: Ann Charlotte/Ma Antonia
  • PA: Pepe Parrado
  • Sound Director: Eryk
  • Stills: Chiho Nakama/Dani Sampedro


  • Virginia Beauget
  • Ilenia Vanderaa
  • Xisca Capo
  • Catalina Bauza


  • Business Man: Horacio Ayala
  • Couple: Virginia Quetglas
  • Couple: Pedro Victory
  • Lady: Anne Senecal
  • Skater: Aaron Dormer
  • Immigrant: Laury Ndongo
  • Principal Kid: Marc Maas
  • Kid: David Graham
  • Kid: Paul Ramis
  • Kid: Paula Chmiel
  • Kid: Maria Campins
  • Kid: David Guash
  • Kid: Elena Rapado
  • Kid: Carlota Maas
  • Kid: Pedro Moncadas


  • Sugar & Spice: Helen Lundqvist
Egg co
  • Copywriter: Jero Montalban
  • Video Work: Jero Forradellas
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