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Palma Pictures Charity Shoot for rana

On Sunday, 19th December, Palma Pictures will be working with rana to produce an advert to raise awareness against child abuse.
We’re hoping the advert will be released mid-January 2011 on rana’s website and in time it will also be shown on local tv channels and on in-flight TV with airline companies that regularly fly to the Balearic Islands.
All of the crew have volunteered to work for free and we’re also donating the use of our studio and equipment to the project. Even our catering company are giving away free food in order to support this important cause.
Below is a list of some of the people helping to make this project a reality.
  • Joan Cobos
  • Lourdes Ribas
  • Rocio Romero
  • Alice Santana
  • Tracy Courtney
  • Rosa Cosmeli
  • Jenni Sykes
  • Carmen Moya
  • Pilar Amer
  • Mercedes Eguiagaray
  • 1st Assistant Director: Derek Watson
  • Director of Photography: Juanito
  • Focus Puller: Kiko Prieto
  • Gaffer: Richard
  • Best Boy: Martin Caceres
  • Electrician: Manu/Phil Finnegan
  • Key Grip: Ben Mitchell
  • Art Director: Guido Konijn
  • Art Assistant: Gustavo Timoner
  • Art Assistant: Johnny Tardibuono
  • Make Up: Kay Childs
  • Wardrobe: Ann Charlotte/Ma Antonia
  • PA: Pepe Parrado
  • Sound Director: Eryk
  • Stills: Chiho Nakama/Dani Sampedro


  • Virginia Beauget
  • Ilenia Vanderaa
  • Xisca Capo
  • Catalina Bauza


  • Business Man: Horacio Ayala
  • Couple: Virginia Quetglas
  • Couple: Pedro Victory
  • Lady: Anne Senecal
  • Skater: Aaron Dormer
  • Immigrant: Laury Ndongo
  • Principal Kid: Marc Maas
  • Kid: David Graham
  • Kid: Paul Ramis
  • Kid: Paula Chmiel
  • Kid: Maria Campins
  • Kid: David Guash
  • Kid: Elena Rapado
  • Kid: Carlota Maas
  • Kid: Pedro Moncadas


  • Sugar & Spice: Helen Lundqvist
Egg co
  • Copywriter: Jero Montalban
  • Video Work: Jero Forradellas
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